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UI / User Interface
The Character Creation screen is as simple as it gets. Keeping that in mind, we missed a few of the options while creating our characters during beta. We would like to attribute it to 'excitement' rather than 'stupidity'. In any case, here is a quick tour of the functions and what they do.

1. Character Name

  • Basically the character's name, both first and last. The last name is what your chat name will be and this is what you will use to invite people to your group, whisper them, etc. Your last name will be used on all characters on that server.
  • The random button allows the system to pick a name for you.

2-A. Gender Selection

  • Pick either a female character or a male character. Since this character is going to be using stealth armor, we chose females...because they look better in stealth armor.

2-B. Body Size

  • This will adjust the character's height and scale the body proportionally.

3. Head Creation

  • This is the most complicated part of this whole character creation interface (which really isn't saying much). People usually spend a significant amount of time here. It's quite sad really, because when you plop on a stealth armor helmet, you can't see any part of the all.
  • The squares next to each of the options allow you to change the color of that certain option. The color wheel section (section 05) is where you select the new color.
  • Face Type : Changes what kind of face the character has. There are no extremely hot, or extremely good looking ones but they do have their differences.
  • Upper Face : This adds accessories to the upper face / eye area. Some options include sunglasses, eye-patches and pair of typical scientist glasses.
  • Hair Type : What hair style you want for your character. No hip length female hair though.
  • Accessory / Facial Hair : Depending on what gender you pick, you will get the Accessory option or the Facial Hair option. Basically accessory is that choker type necklace thing around the female avatar's neck. Facial hair is...well facial hair. Obviously, the Accessory options are for the females and the Facial Hair option are for the males.

4-A. Change the Entire Armor

  • This is what the character starts out with when they enter the starting area. It doesn't really matter what type of armor they choose because they all get replaced pretty fast.
  • The random button randomly chooses an armor set from a list of seven or so. The color picker changes the color for the entire set too.

4-B. Change Individual Armor Pieces (Torso/Chest, Hands, Legs, Feet)

  • These options allow you to change the look for the individual pieces. Try combining different armor set pieces together to come up with a slightly more unique look.
  • Again, don't waste too much time here because you'll change out of your armor pretty quick.

5-A. Color Selection

  • This shows the current color selected from the color wheel and the old color selection.
  • If you're not satisfied with the current color you've selected and want to change it back to the old one, just click the 'Old' selection and it'll revert back. This only works if you haven't confirmed the color selection yet.

5-B. Color Wheel

  • The color wheel allows you to select from a large variety of different colors and their shades.
  • This is where you will actually make the new color selection.

That's what we've selected so far. If you haven't noticed, at the bottom of her feet, there is a "Zoom" button and two arrows. Believe or not you can zoom in and rotate the character to see what the back and sides look like. Zooming in zooms in to the character's face, allowing you to see the details while changing the options in the Head Creation portion.

Once you're satisfied, click "Accept" and confirm that you want to use this last name for all characters on the server and then it'll take you back to the login screen. From here you can login with your new character and start playing!

Note: If you want to change your last name on the server, you will have to delete ALL your characters on that server and what for awhile before it resets. HOWEVER, there are known issues with this so make sure that the name you choose is the name you really want...just to avoid the hassle of changing names.

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