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UI / User Interface

The User interface can be daunting to some when they first log into the game or they could be so cryptic that it would cause you to miss alot of functions. There are plenty of questions that people ask in General chat that could be easily answered by going through some of the following UI / User Interface tours.

Character Creation

The Character Creation screen is as simple as it gets. Keeping that in mind, we missed a few of the options while creating our characters during beta. We would like to attribute it to 'excitement' rather than 'stupidity'. Click the link below to take a quick tour of the character creation interface.

In-Game Chat Window

The In-Game Chat Window is probably the most used interface option in game. It's an MMO, so chatting and socializing is somewhat expected. The Chat Window can be pretty simple to use, especially if you are an MMO veteran. However, there is a plethora of options to help customize your chat experience. For example, why /ignore 50 people when you can ignore the entire channel! Um, it's probably not recommended but it's possible.

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