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Certain questions get asked over and over again. We like being helpful (sometimes), but people have their limits. This section will attempt to list some common questions and answers about Tabula Rasa.

If you have a good question and answer, go ahead and send it in to us and we'll check it out.

Q & A

I can't find Logos "Damage"! Is it bugged?
- This has got to be the most asked question in the game (at the time of writing).

The Logos "Damage" map indicator is in the right place. Most people look in the caves where "Areas" is found, but that's the wrong cave. Approach Logos "Damage" from south of the map indicator. There is a cave entrance hidden under the cliffs; sometimes there is a Forean Patrol just outside of the entrance. The entrance itself may be hard to miss at times.

Is Logos "Enemy" in Pinhole Caves?

No it is not. It is in Imperial Valley. That map indicator location is the old location for Logos "Enemy". Look for the new map indicator near Imperial Valley.

How do you auto-loot?

To auto-loot a corpse, simply run over a lootable corpse and you will pick up the loot (as opposed to pressing "T" for each corpse).

Where is Kennilaxx?

Kennilaxx usually patrols around the Krim Control Point. He seems to roam more in the Northern and Eastern parts of the base than anywhere else.

Descent is lagging. Is there a way to workaround that?
- Here is an answer to the question provided by the Tabula Rasa Dev Team.

There is an issue that causes extreme lag on Descent when your profanity filter is enabled. If you are going to Descent, turn off your profanity filter option located on the Game tab. If you are on Descent and are unable to turn off your profanity filter, send a petition on an alternate character and remain online for GM assistance. If you cannot remain online, simply update your support ticket the next time you are able to log into the game.

Where can you find the Hominus Escort Patrol and the three Bane Officers?
- Need to revise this question to include more detailed information.

They usually spawn and patrol just south of where the map reads "Benefactor Valley" (press "M" to open up your map in game). People often assume that the trenches refer to that area between Foreas Base and the Front Lines, but it extends further south. However, they patrol in alot of places so you may run into them in other locations.

Where is the "one who seeks cover behind walls" for the Exposing the Traitors Mission?

This description is a bit weird, especially since some of the NPCs are on the walls of the base for this mission. Usually, "behind the walls" refer to a city or base of sorts, in this case it refers to bunkers. The bunkers along the trench between Foreas Base and Foxtrot Base are where you should be looking. Sometimes the NPC gets killed so you won't see him the first time round.

My first mission is to kill 200 Thrax soldiers? That sounds like fun...

You are referring to the "Targets of Opportunity" mission. These are not main missions. They are area specific side-missions that are supposed to be completed mostly through doing regular missions throughout the area. Granted, in order to finish some of the objectives in the "Target of Opportunity" missions, you would need to go out with that objective in mind...but most can be accomplished while working to complete other missions.

How do I trade with another player?

To trade with another player, you will have to use the radial menu. You can access this by pressing and holding down the "Ctrl" key. Target the player you want to trade with, use the radial menu key and select "Trade with Player".

How do I check my FPS (Frames Per Second) or my Latency/Lag?

Press the "F4" key and a window should display FPS and lag in the upper right hand corner of your UI (where the mission tracker usually is). Press the "F2" key to switch it back to the mission tracker.

WTF is up with the lag!? How do you guys play Tabula Rasa with this lag?

When you're done with Bootcamp, you will be thrown into Wilderness. The different areas have copies that we refer to as "Area Instances". People tend to pick the first area instance when they get out, resulting in a ton of players in one instance. To alleviate the lag, pick another area instance like Wilderness(7). You can get an idea of how full an area instance server is by the High, Medium, Low indicators on the right of the instance name. Pick an instance with Low population, and you will see a vast improvement with the server lag.

How do I activate my Pre-order Pets/Emotes

Make sure you have upgraded your beta account to the pre-order account that you purchased. This can be done through Once you log on to your character, look in the bag slots. Under Misc Items, you should see the emote boxes/items. Right click to use/activate them and watch your char spaz out for a bit. The pet has to be done through a simple mission. You will need to talk to the appropriate vendor in Alia Das and he will give you the quest to turn in the token. Talk to him again to complete the quest and choose a pet. Your pet item should be in your bag now, under the Misc. bag slot. Right click to call for him or you can equip it on your ability tray.

So..where is a good place to grind for EXP?

This game is not meant to be a "grinding game". Completing missions provide far more EXP than you would get grinding, plus it is alot more fun.

If we're not supposed to grind for EXP that much, why am I running out of missions?

Though some bumps and hiccups are to be expected in the total leveling experience, generally you should not run out of missions to do. If you are running out of missions, you would need to revisit some areas (usually around teleporters and such). New missions may be available that weren't available earlier. Another thing you could try is to finish up the instances and the associated missions. Some instances can be soloable (but still provide a slight challenge) at a slightly higher level. If you really need to grind, you could try Assaulting or Defending Control Points. These are fun, and mobs drop defense or assault tokens which you can turn in to an NPC in the base to get recipes to upgrade your weapons and gear. Assault and defense missions are also required to complete Targets of Opportunity missions.

Where is Mankrik's wife?

Um, yeah buddy...wrong game. If you really need to find her though, I would check in Thrall's Chambers first.

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