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Bootcamp / Tutorial
Alright, listen up. If you can't pass Bootcamp, how da hell do you expect to survive out there? It is highly recommended that you complete the Bootcamp tutorial mission your first time through the game. There is an option to skip the mission, but that is only for players making alts and have already been through the mission once.

You know someone is a newbie and skipped the tutorial mission when he asks, "How do you open up your quest window?"

There is no reason you shouldn't go through Bootcamp at least once. Find the Bootcamp tutorial mission a little confusing? Here we'll run through the mission and help you get squared way.

Bootcamp / Tutorial Bypass
Oh, think you're too good for Bootcamp? Well why do you need help then?

Actually, after doing some 'investigating', we found a couple reasons that would confuzzle a new Bootcamp Skipper. Click below to get you back on track!

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