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Logos History
An ancient and highly advanced alien culture, the Eloh, chose to devote their time and energy to peaceful pursuits of study and introspection. Over thousands of years they finally realized the key to a powerful science that unified all known theories of physics. With this knowledge they developed Logos, through which they gained the mystical ability to manipulate matter, energy, and force in unique and powerful ways. As the Eloh begin to use their knowledge of Logos to travel the universe, they forge the beginnings of an intergalactic culture where they openly share their knowledge with all the races they discover that are advanced enough to understand it.

Many of the races they discovered, however, were in their infancy and too primitive to share in the Eloh’s knowledge. The Earth was one such planet. But the Eloh are an altruistic people and wanted to someday return to these primitive planets. They left seeds of knowledge for these races to discover, including the language of the Logos so that one day, when these cultures were ready to understand, a relationship could be established with them. These 'seeds' helped us escape the Bane's invasion of Earth.

About Logos
Logos (traditionally meaning word, thought, principle, or speech in Latin) is the power that sets you apart from the rest of the soldiers. A Receptor is someone that is able to harness and use the power of Logos for various abilities that may enhance yourself and your allies, or to destroy your foes.

A player obtains Logos by visiting nodes peppered through-out the planets you visit. Once at a Logos node, you can 'learn' it, which will allow you to use abilities that require that Logos. Logos is also a sort of language and characters can be strung together to form phrases. Some Logos will require that you obtain other Logos first before you can enter the chamber to retrieve them. The pre-requisites are usually on or around those locked doors.

There is an NPC in each major area that will give you quests and locations of most of the Logos. Each time you obtain a Logos, you can go back to that NPC for Experience Points. However, not all Logos are found through the will need to discover those on your own

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