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About The Enemy
The Bane is a term used to label the enemy forces led by the corrupt Eloh, the Neph. The same forces that invaded Earth and many other planets. Made up of a number of different species of sentient beings, the Bane move from galaxy to galaxy, conquering systems and turning it's residents into slaves or a pile of rotting matter (if you aren't lucky enough to be instantly vaporized). Doing this for many centuries has led it to be done with such cruel and heartless efficiency, that it is almost as natural as breathing to the Bane.

As an AFS soldier, you will have to fight the many units that make up the Bane force. Humanoids, Machina, bots, creatures of all kinds including the local fauna that you encounter on the different planets, will try to extinguish your precious life and the lives of your comrades. All you can do is bring in the right weapons for the right job and bring the pain!

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