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Recruit - Tier 1

Hand to Hand Combat
  • Increases damage of all hand-to-hand and melee attacks
  • Adds knock-back to hand-to-hand and melee attacks
  • Reduces pistol reload time
  • Improves critical hit rate of rifles
  • Adds knock-back to shotgun attacks
  • Increases damage inflicted by shotguns, pistols, and rifles
  • A long-range energy attack that is very powerful and efficient
  • Advanced training adds Stun and minor area-of-effect benefits

Logos Required :

  • Useful for scouting, quickly traversing terrain, and for closing to short range for certain attacks
  • Costs adrenaline over time to maintain
Motor Assist Body Armor
  • Improves movement speed while wearing this armor type
  • Advanced training increases movement speed per piece of armor worn

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