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Skipping the Tutorial Mission
Alright, so you think you're smart enough to skip bootcamp? Surprisingly, people still ask questions about skipping the tutorial mission. Understandable. There are some stuff that are a little different especially when it's your first time skipping the tutorial.

Here is a quick and dirty run down on how to skip the tutorial mission and what you need to do afterwards. Once again, it is highly recommended that you complete the bootcamp mission your first time through. It'll save you a ton of "wtf, you n00b" responses in General chat when you ask dumb questions like, "How do you open your mission log?"

Bootcamp Mission : Bootcamp Bypass

Once you enter the Bootcamp instance, you should see Commander Elvers in front of you. With that reference point in mind, turning to your left will bring you to direction that Captain Burba is.

Talk to her to receive the mission to skip the tutorial. You can do this halfway through the tutorial if you want or at the very beginning, when you first enter the instance. Basically she'll tell you to go to the dropship and extract out.

When you arrive in Alia Das, talk to Major Bonham up ahead to finish your mission. Then go on your merry way collecting missions from various people and whatnot.

Bootcamp Mission : Bootcamp Bypass "Why can't I use my Lightning Ability!?"

You go out on your first mission, on your way to kill Bane. You open up your skill window and realize you can't use Lightning! Well, that's the catch to bootcamp bypass. The Logos "Power" that you get inside the tutorial mission is the one you need to use your Lightning ability. Don't panic, you're not can get Lightning outside outside the bootcamp instance.

In Wilderness, not too far from Alia Das, there is a place called Benefactor Ridge. Somewhere under the "ACTO" part of the name on the map, you will find the shrine for the "Power" Logos. It is along the ridge/cliff and can be easily found if you walk up along the ridge.

And there you have it! Now you can use the Lightning ability to your heart's content.

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