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Once you create your character and enter the game with your new character, you will hit your first loading screen. There is a little bit of info on the left side of the screen. Once you enter the map, you will be on your way to starting your first mission in Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa®!

Select your character and click "Enter Battle".

Loading Screen. Click "Enter Battle" when it becomes available.
You can choose to have the game automatically enter you into the battle by clicking the box next to "Check to automatically enter battle."

Bootcamp Mission : Start

Once the map loads, it should look something like this. Use the mouse to look around and find a guy with a radio above his head.

You should have figured out by now that the crosshair in the center of your screen is where your character is looking at. It is used to target things for shooting as well. Look at the NPC with the radio above his head (Commander Elvers); a triangle should appear around him that says "Press [T] to use" below it.
Pressing "T" is how you interact with alot of things in the world. Think of it as the "Use" key. Pressing "T" while looking at an NPC with a full yellow radio aboe their heads will bring up any quests that are currently available to your character.

Bootcamp Mission : Basic UI Run-Through
This part will give you a basic tour of the user interface and the controls.

This first part of your current mission is to hit the "L" key. This will bring up your Mission Log.
A mission objective popup should display showing that you completed and objective, and gives you a new objective to complete.

The next objective is to move your character using the standard "WASD" movement keys. After this, you will move on to the third objective, which is to equip a weapon.

Press "B" to open your bag. This is your inventory. There are different invetory types; one for weapons/armor, mission items, crafting items, ammo/bombs/grenades/etc, and a misc items inventroy (most of the items in here are what we call "vendor trash" and can be safely sold to NPCs for credits).
Click and drag the pistol from the equipment inventory bag to the Weapon Tray on the left side of the bottom-center part of the screen. This will equip your pistol. You can holster and unholster your weapons using the "H" key. Alternatively, you can click your mouse fire weapon key (default is mouse button 1) to unholster your weapon.

The next objective requires you to equip a skill from the "Skills" tab. This can be accessed by pressing the "K" key. You can flip through Attributes (Attr.), Skills, Logos, and Titles tabs by selecting the corresponding tabs at the bottom of the Skills window.
Click and drag the "Sprint" ability from the "Skills" window to the Ability Tray on the right side of the bottom-center part of the screen. This will equip the ability "Sprint".

Pressing the "Ctrl" key brings up the radial menu. This menu allows you to access information or to interact with other players rather easily.

The "C" key will get your character to crouch. You will be using this alot because crouching ups the damage modifier on most weapons (not sure about pistols, but shotguns definately do not have a modifier applied when crouching). Especially useful for snipers using rifles or a torqueshell gun to take an enemy down fast.

Find the crates. If you're facing the commander, it should be to the left of you (don't worry, I had trouble finding them at first too). Press the "Tab" key to change targets. This should complete the object, however it should be noted that tab targetting doesn't work very well in this game.

Shoot the crate till it blows up. To unholster your weapon, either press the fire weapon mouse button (default mouse button 1) or press "H". To fire your weapon, press the fire weapon mouse button. It will take a couple of hits before the crate explodes. You will also notice the "HP" or Health Points of the crate is graphically represented by the red bar under its name. Once the entire bar goes from bright red to dark red, that means the target is dead. Your character's HP bar is at the bottom left of the screen. Unlike the crate, you have shielding. Shielding is represented by the greyish-blue bar above the HP bar. Once this is depleted, your HP bar wil lstart dropping and once your HP bar is gone, you're dead.

The next objective is to reload your weapon. The "R" key reloads your weapon. It seems that the ammo that is reloaded isnt based on clip size. This means that if you use 5 bullets out of a 20 bullet clip, you will only have to reload it with 5 bullets instead of reloading the entire clip. The "R" key also unjams your weapon. You will lose all the bullets currently left in the clip, but your weapon will be functional again.

The orange bar below your HP bar shows how much "Adrenaline" you have. If it is maxed out, the orange bar will be blinking. Adrenaline is used for certain skills and abilities. The Sprint skills uses adrenaline, and when your adrenaline runs out so does your Sprint ability. To activate an ability, you need to have the pre-reqs met in order to use the ability (in this case, it would be Adrenaline). You can get more adrenaline by killing mobs/enemies.

For the next objective, you need to use your Sprin ability. This is done by clicking the mouse ability button (default is mouse button 2 aka the right mouse button). Your boots will glow red once activated, and this will make your character run faster than normal.

Once you complete all the objectives, go back to Commander Elvers to complete the mission and get your rewards. Remember, in order to complete the mission you need to select a reward if there are more than one rewards that you can choose from. The only acception is if the mission rewards you with multiple items.

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