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Skills & Abilities Info : Specialist

Specialist - Tier 2

  • Delivers minor damage over time
  • Modest power requirements

Logos Required :

Leech Gun
  • Improves the damage inflicted by leech guns
  • Inceases the amount of health leeched from targets
Hazmat Body Armor
  • Improves resistance to Energy, Virulent, Incendiary, and Cryogenic damage sources per piece of Hazmat armor worn
  • Allows the use of healing discs, field repair tools, and cipher tools

    Healing Disc: Repairs damage to the health of living targets

    Field Repair Tool: Repairs damage to mechanical targets

    Cipher Tool: Unlocks field containers, doors, and other locks
  • Improves the amount of health, armor, and repair specialists can restore using various tools
  • With additional training, allows specialists to resuscitate fallen allies

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