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Skills & Abilities Info : Sapper

Sapper - Tier 3

  • Disrupts enemy mechanical units, causing them to attack their allies for a given period
  • Training increases the duration of this effect as well as the attack’s range

Logos Required :

Shield Extender
  • Shield Extenders take the base amount of target’s armor and extend the shielding to all squad mates
  • Uses Power and Consumer Grade Micromech
  • Advanced training increases the total amount of damage mitigated by the shield
Crab Mines
  • Deploy several independent mines that seek out targets and detonate
  • Though this ability’s power cost is low, Weapons Grade Micromech is a prerequisite for using these mines
  • Specialized training allows the mines to deliver specific damage types (i.e. Physical, Incendiary, Energy, Sonic, and Laser)

Logos Required :

Mech Body Armor
  • Features a greatly enhanced rate of armor regeneration
  • Further training improves this (per piece of Mech body armor worn)
Polarity Gun
  • Polarity guns deliver significant damage to single targets
  • Augments the damage that polarity guns inflict

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