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Ranger - Tier 3

  • Uses the Waypoint Network to call in AFS support troops
  • Different types of training allow various allies to be called, including Medics, Grenadiers, and Chaingunners

Logos Required :

Carpet Bombing
  • Delivers a massive rain of explosives on the target area, inflicting high damage from multiple explosions.
  • Deploying these munitions costs a great deal of power and requires Weapons Grade Micromech

Logos Required :

Polarity Field
  • With a large power investment, rangers can nullify a target’s resistance against a given damage type, turning it into a weakness
  • Advanced training allows rangers to use this ability for various damage types (i.e. Sonic, Laser, Cryogenic, Energy, and Physical)

Logos Required :

  • Reduces the distance at which enemies detect rangers; each piece of Stealth armor worn improves this effect, as does additional training
Net Gun
  • Net guns root single targets in place and inflict both impact damage and damage over time
  • Improves the damage that net guns deliver

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