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Commando - Tier 3

Force Blast
  • The commando uses Logos to call upon individual damage types to directly harm single targets
  • Requires Adrenaline and Power
  • Instant effect, with a chance for a secondary effect.

Logos Required :

Rushing Blow
  • Charges an enemy, inflicting significant damage and closing the distance into melee combat
  • Higher ranks greatly increase the range at which this can be initiated

Logos Required :

  • Creates a short pulsing wave of damage that eminates from the commando and effects all enemies within range
  • Advanced training improves the damage radius.

Logos Required :

  • Improves the damage bonus of both grenade and rocket launchers
  • With additional training, this reduces the reload time of rocket launchers and the chance for grenades to stun their victims
  • Rocket launchers deliver massive damage but take more time to use compared to grenade launchers.
Graviton Armor
  • Increases the chance for a commando to resist knockback and stun effects per piece of Graviton armor worn

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