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Skills & Abilities Info : Biotechnician

Biotechnician - Tier 3

  • Causes ten seconds of chaos and fear within nearby enemy troops
  • Advanced training enlarges the radius of effect

Logos Required :

Lifeforce Funnel
  • After a short prep time, heals the biotechnician and any nearby group members
  • Though somewhat costly, this restores a very high amount of lost health, and its efficiency further improves in larger squads

Logos Required :

Bio Augmentation
  • Increase Body, Mind , Spirit, Health, and Power depending on the pump level
  • Requires Power and Pharmeceutical Grade Micromech

Logos Required :

Bio Body Armor
  • Training in this armor improves the health regeneration rate of the wearer and of all nearby squad members
Injection Gun
  • Improves damage inflicted with injection guns
  • Advanced training adds the ability to bypass enemy armor with this weapon type
  • Injection guns deliver specific damage types, Virulent are the the most common, but all varieties can be very effective in battle.

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